Regarding our esteemed cast of troublemakers extraordinary characters…

The Arclight Assistance and Monster Dispatch Society

Brought together by a shadowy figure of mystery known only as “The Colonel,” AAMDS is dedicated to helping those in need and when at all possible removing the malign influences that periodically bedevil civilized society. The full extent of AAMDS is unknown even to several of its members, as befits a secret society. Arclight Society members are recruited by other members, and given instructions via telegram. It’s quite evident that “The Colonel” must be a man of means, however, as Arclight Society members are well paid for their good works.

“The Colonel”

Often mentioned but seldom (if ever) seen, “The Colonel” is the head of the Arclight Society. He assigns missions, arranges logistics, and provides intelligence when he can, but always via remote means such as telegraphs or parcel deliveries. Whether this is for political reasons, or simply a flair for the dramatic, the net result is that the Arclight Society has remarkable freedom to move and operate, as long as they stay on the right side of the law.


Hailing from the mysterious “Moreau Island,” Fagin is a fox who has been humanized by the surgical and other methods pioneered by the late Doctor Moreau. A clever and gregarious fellow, Fagin is the happy-go-lucky leader of our trio of heroes. An enthusiast for fine clothes, intellectual and artistic pursuits, and highly unusual modes of transportation, Fagin can often be seen zooming around the streets on his custom-built one-wheeled “steamcycle,” or “the uni” as he calls it.

Charlotte Mercy “Charlie” O’Toole

A woman of rough-and-tumble upbringing on the frontier, Charlotte (“Charlie” only to her closest friends) loves a life of danger and intrigue almost as much as she loves explosions. She has a passion for firearms, incendiaries, and mayhem, which is fortunately tempered with a generally benign nature that keeps her from engaging in too much wanton destruction. The daughter of a wealthy rail magnate, Charlotte has been to a handful of “finishing schools,” and as such can easily slip between the strata of society as needed.

“Big, Bad” John Dunn

A wandering soldier-of-fortune on a job gone horribly wrong, John Dunn was attempting to rescue some innocent bystanders when he was badly injured in an explosion which cost much of the function of the nervous system in his arms. His selfless actions impressed members of the Arclight Society so much that they arranged not only for his medical care, but to have him fitted with experimental devices to restore what function as could be.

Mrs. Drake

Although it is known she originally comes from England and that she did work of a less-than-savory nature there, little else is known of the quiet but dangerous Mrs. Drake. Her skills at infiltration and stealth are unquestionable … her motives and loyalties, sadly less so.

Verity Anjo

Daughter of a Calypsitanian clockworks master, Verity has seen little of the world beyond her father’s shop. Blessed with an intimate understanding of what makes things “tick” and a kind heart, she is just the sort of person the Arclight Society needs in their ranks– provided that she survives her first adventure with them!